Got Straight A’s? Claim Your Excellence Rewards From These Banks

Congratulations to all SPM students for your results. You are all superstars in my book. But on another note, if you are one of the few who worked your butts off for SPM and got straight A’s to show for it, you have got to claim your academic excellence rewards from your favourite banks.

Banks offer rewards in varying degrees to good exam results in UPSR, PT3, SPM, STPM and even university degrees. These range from as low as RM50 to as high as RM500.

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There are two things to observe though: how you can be eligible and how to apply for the rewards (yes, it’s not automatically given to you, you have to apply and within the deadline given). I’ve gone through the terms and conditions for the relevant bank rewards for academic excellence offered by the following banks.


Maybank offers academic cash rewards for straight A students for PT3, SPM, STPM/A-levels and even university degrees, ranging from RM100 for PT3 up to RM500 for bachelor’s degree.

You will need excellent grades of course, as shown in the image below: PT3 (7A), SPM (8A, 8A+), STPM (4A, 5A, Muet Band 6) and if you graduate with 1st class honours in your degree from a recognised university.

So far, Maybank is the only bank that offers rewards to straight A students at pre-university and university level but it offers no rewards for UPSR.


To be eligible for this, you will need to maintain RM1000 in your Yippie Savings or imteen account for the year you are taking the examination, right up to the date of submission for the reward.

Based on the form, you can also apply for this reward if you have a Maybank Premier 1 account, a Premier Mudharabah account or have an FD Premier account (bring the receipt as proof).

If you have only opened a new bank account, you must open the account before the 1st day of exams and maintain it at or above RM1000. (Seems a little unfair for current users, but rules are rules, I guess.)

To claim the RM500 for 1st Class Honours, the account must be opened before you turn 18, so essentially before you have even gone to university. You have to maintain at least RM1000 (the golden rule so far) in the account.

How to Apply

Just fill in this form and bring your result slip or degree certificate, as well as your IC, your child’s IC and passbook to apply over the counter. You need to do this at your home branch within 1 month of the official results announcement. Only one claim can be done per accountholder, no matter how many accounts you have with Maybank.

For more info, click on this link which takes you to the Maybank website. If you have any questions, please call Maybank.

Public Bank

Public Bank has a Star Achiever Programme that rewards UPSR, PT3 and SPM excellence. For UPSR students, you will need 5 A’s, PT3 students will need 7 A’s and SPM students will need 8 A’s.

The rewards are for RM50 for UPSR, RM100 for PT3 and RM200 for SPM. It is limited to only 200 recipients per year. Successful applicants will be announced on the website.

The reward will then be credited into the PB Bright Star Savings account so that’s the account you need to be eligible for this.


To be eligible for this, you will need to maintain a minimum daily average balance of RM500 in your PB Bright Star Savings account for the year you are taking the examination (the programme period for this programme is defined as January to December).

The account must also remain active until the cash reward has been distributed.


To apply, you can fill in the online form and submit, or you can do it in person at the account holding branch. Bring along your original examination result slip AND a photocopy which the bank will want to keep.

Successful applications will receive a serial number. (It doesn’t specify what the serial number will be used for in the TnC.)

The submission dates for this is 31 January the following year for UPSR and PT3 students, and 30 April for the current year for SPM students.

For more info, click on the following links which takes you to the Public Bank Terms and Conditions page in English, and this one in BM.

Alliance Bank

Alliance Bank has a Straight A’s Achievement Award which recognises achievements in UPSR, PT3 and SPM. The awards are RM100 for straight A’s in UPSR, RM200 for straight A’s in PT3 and RM300 for straight A’s (A+, A- counts as A) in SPM.


A balance of RM500 must be maintained in your Alliance Buddy Account for 6 consecutive months before the official date for the announcement of results.

How to Apply

You need to submit a certified true copy of the examination result slip within 14 days of the release of results. The reward money will be credited straight into the account.

For more info, check out this link that takes you to the Alliance Bank Deposits TnC document.


OCBC also offers rewards to students who obtain 5 A’s and above for UPSR (RM50), 7 A’s and above for PT3 (RM100) and 8A’s and above for SPM (RM150).

A finance information website not affiliated with the bank mentions a RM200 reward for 4 A’s and above in STPM but as this was not mentioned in OCBC’s official page, you will need to enquire with the bank if this is legitimate. #doesnthurttoask

Eligibility & How to Apply

Your Young Savers Account must be opened more than 1 year before the announcement of the exam results (note that you need a minimum initial deposit for RM500 to open this Young Savers account). The results must be submitted within 2 weeks from the official announcement date.

For more info, check out this link which takes you to the OCBC bank page for Young Savers account or this link which takes you to an Product Information Sheet.

Hong Leong Islamic Bank

Now this one, you wouldn’t be able to find on their website (frankly that place needs a revamp) but me, I prefer to look up their TnC documents. Here’s the link to the Hong Leong Islamic Bank TnC. You can go through it or check out my summary below.

This one is a special promotion that applies for the period of July 1 2018 until June 30 3019. They reward straight A’s as such: RM100 for UPSR, RM250 for PT3 and RM350 for SPM.

The monetary reward from this bank is higher than most so if you are eligible (check to see if you are below), do give it a go. A maximum total of RM60,000 will be dispensed during this campaign period.

It’s first come, first served but the TnC does not mention if there is a cap for the number of rewards per type of examination.


For this one, you need to main an average minimum balance of RM1000 in your Junior Savings Account-i at least one month prior to the date of application. If you have the conventional savings account (without the i at the back), you’re not eligible. #itpaystopayattention

How to Apply

You need to send in your application for the reward within 14 days from the official announcement date. You can receive only one reward per public examination type.

Go to a branch (it doesn’t mention if it needs to be your account holding branch) with a certified true copy of the examination result slip (certified by a school official), together with your IC, JSA-i passbook and you will need to fill in an application form. It doesn’t say how the money will be rewarded to you. Do enquire at the bank.

If you need the link to the TnC again, here it is.

Just For Fun

Based on what is shared above, if a student got straight A’s for SPM, and they were eligible for all the above rewards, they would have got RM1050 extra spending money for all their effort.

For PT3 students, they would get around RM750, and for UPSR, they would have received RM300 (which is a lot of money for a 12 year old)!

If you or your child were not eligible for some of them, at least now you know what you need to do for the next public examination. Better yet, SHARE this post with someone you know who is taking a public examination next year. Good luck with your submission!

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