10 Things You Can Do When You’re Both Too Busy For Each Other

Time waits for no man or woman and that spells bad news when you are in a long-term relationship, or even worse, a marriage! But fear not, love conquers all. And if it doesn’t, the little things you do will.

Here are 10 things you could do when you are both too busy to spend time together but you still want to show your love to your significant other.

Give each other 1-minute hugs. And when you are given one, no matter how busy you are, take the 60-seconds of silence as a “I miss you” or a “I know you are stressed out, here’s me showing you I’m thinking of you”. You have 1440 minutes in a day, you can spare one or two.

Buy small, inexpensive things that remind you of your significant other. It could be their favourite food like a cupcake, chocolate or chrysanthemum tea (some people have unique tastes). You don’t have to go out of your way to do it, just pick one up if you pass their favourite store.

Send single emoji hugs or kisses through your favourite social bridge. I prefer WhatsApp myself, but you can work with any platform you want, even pen and paper.

Make honest statements. If you are unhappy, just tell them that you are. Don’t make them guess. Don’t throw tantrums. Don’t let them belittle your feelings either. Talk to them about how their actions make your life worse, or better. Relationships grow stronger with every honest discussion you have. Here’s some “fun” reading on this topic: Why You Would Marry The Wrong Person

Spend anniversaries and birthdays together. It may be hard to take days off to go on holiday together but make an effort to celebrate the few special days together. Wedding anniversaries should be celebrated if you still give a hoot. Birthdays can be gift-less but not company-less.

Visit family when you can. Being around family or in-laws make you and your spouse behave. You don’t get to ignore your better half while playing a mobile game if his or her parents are around. You wouldn’t dare. Also, it brings back memories of time when you have little to worry about how to sneak away from family to have some alone time.

Say thank you and sorry. Not for small insignificant things. Say thank you to them, for putting up with you and your hectic schedule. Say sorry for making them put up with you and your hectic schedule.

Sprinkle compliments in your everyday life. It could be a new tie or a lipstick colour, or it could be a new recipe they are trying out. If you want your spouse to look good, compliment them when they make the effort rather than pointing out what other flaws they should work on.

Use the kids. If your spouse has always been the one to handle the tantrums, take over once in a while so he or she can grab a breather. When it’s time for dinner, ask the kids to “summon” the busy spouse or make them take coffee to the parent who is hard-at-work. Sometimes kids can help one destress fairly easily. Only works with parents though.

Joke and laugh together. If there is only enough time to say one thing, make that something you say elicit a smile, or even better, a laugh. The couple who laughs together has less time to argue with each other. #makestotalsense

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